A Closer Look At . . . Weddings and Other Events in Your Linn County Parks​

Linn County Parks has several venues that have hosted many weddings, both day-use and overnight camping weddings. So if you’re interested in knowing more about this possibility, read on! Our facilities are also great for graduation parties, family reunions, company picnics or any other use where you would be bringing together a group of people.

Our parks facilities aren’t as well-known as other wedding venues around the state, so there’s a good chance of some of our facilities being available at the time that you want them. That said though, to be sure to get the facility you want at the time you want it, make your reservation as early as you can. As the season progresses the reservation schedule will fill up. Our facilities can be reserved up to a year in advance. To reserve, we’ll ask you to fill out special use permit which is a simple checklist type form to let us know what you’re planning.

Roaring River County Park

With a large green, grassy open space and some forest and trails, Roaring River County Park might be one of the first facilities people consider for a wedding. A small river runs through the park, providing fishing opportunities. The park has three facilities that vary in size and features. The primary one that someone would likely be interested in for a wedding is shelter number 2. This is a large gazebo-style shelter that was built in 2002, and it has an interesting history.

The park was heavily forested on that side, but a windstorm destroyed the gazebo that was in that location along with some of the trees. Some of the timber was salvaged from the fallen trees and used to construct the gazebo that stands today. The gazebo is an attractive and functional hexagon shape with a rock finish and a large open center. Many of Linn County parks have gazebos in this style but this is the first one that was built in the style that people recognize today. Shelter 2 has a long sidewalk approaching it which makes it a natural choice for the center aisle for the bride and groom to walk down.

Shelter number 1 is the smallest shelter, with five tables. It is tucked into the forest on the edge of an adjacent large lawn area. Shelter number 3 is bright and sunny, has more room than number 1 and has a large, open ring of space around it.

Shelter number 2 holds 150 people, number 1 holds 75 people and shelter number 3 accommodates 75. If your guest list is more than the number of people given here, we can still likely accommodate you! But we might ask that you reserve a second group area just to be sure that there is enough parking and access to facilities for all of your guests.

Larwood Covered Bridge is a popular spot for wedding party photography even if the event is held elsewhere. This beautiful backdrop is where several weddings parties have taken photos while there wedding ceremony took place at nearby Roaring River County Park (only a 1/4-mile away).

The Roaring River shelters are available from dawn to dusk. Reservations require a $200 non-refundable reservation fee for shelter number 2 and $150 non-refundable reservation fee for the others (rates are subject to change, but if you reserve at any time your quoted rate will be honored). Acoustic music is allowed at Roaring River, however, live bands or amplified music is not permitted in the park.

Waterloo County Park

​Waterloo is another popular spot for a wedding or other group event. This park has four group areas, three with shelters and one area with a kitchenette and open picnic grilling area. Shelters and kitchenettes include electricity and water. The large gazebo (Area #1) has a $200 non-refundable reservation fee. Shelters 3 and 4 have a $150 non-refundable reservation fee. The non-sheltered picnic area #2 has a $100 non-refundable reservation fee.

​Area 1 and Area 2 are both located in the Claude Cox Addition of Waterloo Park, which has large trees that provide a shaded canopy from bright sun. Areas ​3 and 4 are located in the more open part of the park’s Santiam addition. The setup here is similar to that of Roaring River County Park, which means that if you have a group that is larger than the shelter can accommodate, you will need to let us know at the time of the reservation so we can make special arrangements, which may include reserving an additional area. Also, acoustic music is allowed at Waterloo County Park, however, live bands or amplified music is not permitted in the park.

​The shelters here have water in the shelter or close by and the larger shelters have sinks and countertop space. Benches, picnic tables and electricity are available for lighting, along with barbecue pits and other amenities for you and your guests to enjoy such as playgrounds and horseshoe pits. Waterloo does allow overnight camping but the shelter is not located in the campground.

John Neal Memorial Park

John Neal Memorial Park on the North Santiam River also has a shelter for weddings and group events and also allows overnight camping, with a large group camping area a short walk from the shelter.

Sunnyside Park and River Bend Park

​Sunnyside County Park and River Bend Parks have shelters and overnight camping. In addition, River Bend has cabins for rent. Brides have appreciated being able to rent a cabin to get dressed in and have a place to enjoy after the event. Please keep in mind that both of these are large parks and the shelters are surrounded by the campground, so while weddings can happen at both of these county parks they have limitations and are often difficult to reserve.

Other Facilities

Other Linn County Parks facilities can be reserved on a case by case basis. If you are planning a small event and want a particular location, just call and ask! We’re flexible and will do our best to help you with your special day.

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