Thistle Creek & Whitcomb Creek Boat Ramp Access Information

Visitors to Green Peter Reservoir, should be aware that, due to low water levels, the boarding floats (docks) at the Thistle Creek and Whitcomb Creek Boat Ramps are no longer available for use. Please use caution launching at the Whitcomb Creek Boat Ramp. The water level has dropped to the point where larger boats may not be able to launch safely. As the water level drops at Green Peter Reservoir this summer,  Here is some information  to keep in mind regarding boat ramp elevations and dock access on Green Peter Reservoir.  Green Peter full pool elevation is 1010’ and low pool elevation is 922’.  Current elevation is 974’ (as of 7/19/19).  The pool elevation is currently dropping at rate of 4-6 inches/day. Thistle Creek Boat Ramp:  The toe (bottom) of the upper ramp is at elevation 980’ the toe of the lower ramp is 919’.  Boarding Floats (docks) are no longer in the water at Thistle Creek.  The lower ramp should remain accessible all year.  Boater are now launching from the lower ramp.  There have been only two times in the last 22 years that the lower Thistle Creek Ramp has come out of the water, which was in the late Fall. Whitcomb Creek Boat Ramp:  The toe (bottom) of the Whitcomb ramp is at Elevation 970’.  Boarding Floats (docks) are still in the water at Whitcomb Creek, however, we expect the floats will to be out of the water at elevation 980’ which should happen in the next couple of days.  We expect the Whitcomb Ramp will close (inaccessible) due to low water around the third week in July.  At which time the only accessible boat ramp on Green Peter will be Thistle Creek.

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