Sunnyside County Park Campground -Open

Sunnyside County Park - Open:   Located on Foster Lake, Sunnyside has the largest campground in our system with day use facilities, a boat ramp and moorage available.

  • Boat ramp is open.
  • Firewood and ice sales maybe limited.
  • Public showers are open for limited hours and cleaned twice a day.
  • A loop open.
  • B loop, group camp open with limitations.
  • C loop open, as first come first serve, however some sites may be reserved or restricted due to physical distancing.
  • Campsite are limited to eight people per site.
  • Restrooms will be open and are cleaned and disinfected twice a day. (Please bring your own soap, sanitizer and disinfectant for your safety.)
  • Please remember to stay 6' apart at all times, physical distancing is necessary for us to keep the campground open.
  • Wear facial coverings when you interact with others.
  • Be thoughtful of others on trails, campsites and parking lots.
  • Playgrounds are open but are not sanitized, please be prepared to sanitize children after playground use.

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