Green Peter Reservoir Boat Ramp Update (7/23/21)

Boaters visiting Green Peter Reservoir should be aware that the Thistle Creek Boat Ramp is the only open boat ramp allowing access to the reservoir.  Due to low water levels the Whitcomb Creek Boat ramp is closed and the Thistle Creek  boarding floats are out of the water. In addition, the Rumbaugh Creek floating restroom on Green Peter will be relocated to the Quartzville Creek arm of the reservoir later this week, due to the low water level. We have received many questions about why the Green Peter Reservoir water level is so low this year. What we learned from US Army Corps of Engineers, the controlling federal agency, is that Green Peter is a rain driven, rather than a snow driven system and because of the spring and summer drought conditions this year the reservoir did not fill and is falling quickly.     (Photo 7/11/2021)

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