Shoreline Boat-in Camping on Green Peter Reservoir

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) has closed boat-in campsites on the banks of Green Peter Reservoir.  Visitors to Green Peter should know that overnight camping on the banks of Green Peter Reservoir is not permitted, anyone camping on the shoreline/banks Reservoir will be required to vacate the area. However, staying on your boat on the water is permitted in accordance with Oregon State regulations.  Please contact the Oregon State Marine Board for further details and requirements for staying overnight onboard your boat. If you are planning to stay the night onboard your boat on Green Peter, you may park your vehicle and boat trailer overnight in the boat ramp parking area at Whitcomb Creek County Park.  You will need to pay a $7.00 overnight parking fee at the Whitcomb Creek Campground fee station and put the corresponding fee envelop stub on the dashboard of the vehicle which is being parked overnight in the boat ramp parking area.

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