Willamette National Forest, Sweet Home District Campgrounds Open 5/22/2020

Campgrounds on the Sweet Home District of the Willamette National Forest Are scheduled to open on Friday, May 22, 2020.  Linn County Parks & Recreation (LCPR), The US Forest Service campground concession manager for the Sweet Home District, will be opening Trout Creek, Yukwah, Fernview, House Rock and Lost Prairie Campgrounds just in time for Memorial Day weekend camping.  Unfortunately, Longbow Organizational Group Camp will remain closed until further notice. Campers with reservations at the campgrounds listed above should be able to move into their reserved campsites beginning Friday the 22nd. Campers are reminded that they need to adhere to CDC and Oregon State COVID-19 guidelines, which include:

  • Physical distancing of 6 feet, between people
  • No group gathering of greater than 10, people
  • Wearing protective masks when approaching other member of the public and staff
  • Bring your own soap and sanitizer for your personnel use.  Soap and sanitizer may not be available in the campground
Visitors should also be aware that although LCPR Staff will be cleaning restrooms, they cannot be kept completely cleaned and sanitized at all times.  Public facilities are only as clean as the last person who used them.  Please make sure to wash and/or sanitize your hands after using any public buildings or structures while visiting. Let us know if you have questions.  We can we contacted parks@co.linn.or.us or visit our website at www.linnparks.com  Thanks you for choosing to come camping with us!  We hope you have a wonderful and safe camping trip.

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