Camping Reservations & Refunds Due to COVID-19 Closure (April 6, 2020)

Camping Reservations & Refunds

  Linn County Parks will no longer be taking camping reservations for visitors wishing to camp during the months of April or May 2020.  If the Governor terminates the campground closure order before the end of May, we will then resume taking reservations for those months.  Visitors wishing to make camping reservations for arrival dates later in the 2020 year may still do so.   Linn County Parks guests that have camping reservations during the COVID-19 campground closure will receive a full refund.  Please be patient with us as we process the refunds.  If you have questions, please email the Linn County Parks Office at   We will answer your questions as soon as we can.  Please do not leave multiple phone messages at the Linn County Parks office.  Multiple messages will only slow down our response time.   The Linn County Staff will begin canceling and refunding reservations as of today March 23, 2020, through April 20, 2020, and continue to automatically cancel and refund one week at a time, at the beginning of each week. Reservations made for later dates may be canceled at any time by emailing  Please include the name of the park where you have your reservation, your name, date of reservation, reservation number (if known) and a phone number.

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